In order to test all the software and hardware that will be used for the influence function measurements with trigger, we started a test session

  • Installation of the interferometer
  • Setting the shell and restoring the last available HP setting used with the interferomete, the spot goes back to the F/15 focal plane with few mm precision.
  • new hexapod position:[-591, 1836, -49, 179., -56., -0]
  • The pupil changed its position on the 4D CCD
  • The new detector mask has been saved in mask/2009_07_30_temporary_mask.mask
  • In order to startup the operations with interferomete, here is the initialization procedure:
    • Press "D" button on the 4Sight GUI for starting the Pyro Services on the 4D PC side
    • mount 4D disk of inteerferometer PC on LBT672 PC with command
      mount 4d (currently on the $HOME directory)
    • from a new shell on LBT672 PC run the command:
      to start the Pyro Services on the LBT672 PC side *
  • the new mask has been loaded on the LBT672a PC taking an interferometric measurement and fitted with the command in a IDL terminal:
    print, idl_4d_init()
    print, get_m4d(filename, img, mask) ;to read the data from filename
    fit = pupilfit(mask, guess=[500,500,450, 0.01], /circle, /disp)
  • Correct the hexapod alignment using the command:
    print, hextrack(pupil=fit, /apply)
    If you need to correct the alignment using the hexapod during the measurement simply repeat the last command.
  • Disconnect the fiber deriving from the W unit in the fiber box, channel 9 and 10 (red on channel 9)
  • Connect RT fiber from W2 electronic box (SlopeComputer) to channel 9 and 10 (red on channel 9)
  • Preliminary test of routines (without WFS connection):
    print, make_modal_disturb(from_mode, to_mode, /SEND) ;generate the disturb and upload id to the ADSEC
    print, wfs_switch_step(fltarr(1600), /ena_di) ;send a "dummy" wfs frame to switchbcu to enable disturbance
    print, wfs_switch_step(fltarr(1600), /dis_di) ;send a "dummy" wfs frame to switchbcu to disable disturbance
  • On W2 PC:
    • from desktop launch "W2Restart". In the meanwhile power on the electronic box
    • in WFS Arbitrator GUI select "TestRON" and press power on.
    • launch WFS Hardware GUI and select CCD39 window
    • wait for CCD39 to become "operating"
    • press "equalize quadrants" and verify the dark level on the viewer greater than zero
  • Procedure for taking meaurement:
    • disable disturbance on W2 PC
    • start CCD if not started yet
    • enable FastLink
    • load disturbance with "make_modal_disturb" on LBT672 PC
    • start IF acquisition with "comm4d" procedure and enable disturbance on W2 PC
    • disable disturbance after finishing the meaurement set
    • NB: if the CCD stops (viewer not live) try: "changebinning"
  • Chopping: s
    • startup via xemacs
    • print, fsm_power_on()
    • print, fsm_load_program(/auto)
    • print, fsm_set_flat()
    • print, test_chopping_position(0, /DELTA) ; set the preshaper and accumulator settings and the sage skip settings
    • print, test_continuos_chop()
    • print, wfs_switch_step(fltarr(rtr.n_slope), /ENA_DIST)
    • print, wfs_switch_step(fltarr(rtr.n_slope), /DIS_DIST)
    • alfa 10 arcsec to align hexapod
    • the final frequency of chopping is 11.11 Hz, the interferometer has to be set to 10.76 Hz
    • print, continuos_chop_get(dr, drw): data save dinto ; /home/labot/idl/adsec672a/meas/flat/2009_04_02/fast_step_chop_test.sav and folder "chop2" in 4D pc

-- ArmandoRiccardi - 2009-07-30
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