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FLAO software handover TODO list.


  • Deploy procedure
    • WHO: LF with support from anyone needed
    • Status: under testing
  • Mountain backup into virtual machines
    • WHO: GDR
    • WHEN: week of 9-13 Feb ?
    • Outcome: backup files for wfsdx, wfssx, adsecdx and adsecsx usable in case of sudden disasters

  • Automated (non-interactive) version of the script to be used in deploy and test procedures
    • WHO: LF
    • Status: under testing

  • Deploy test server in Arcetri
    • WHO: TBD
    • Can probably use the existing ao-test computer.

  • Deploy test server at LBTO
    • WHO: TBD
    • New server that can be (almost) hot-swapped in place of adsec or wfs computers.
    • HOW:
      • Ask shooper for technical specs
      • Buy server from Arcetri
      • Install on mountain
      • Play remotely with deploying until a one-button configuration is achieved.

  • Restart of FLAO backup on /mirror5
    • WHO: AP, LF
    • Status: copy from adsecdx in progress

  • Integration of LUCI changes (ncpa, optical gain)
    • WHO: AP
    • Status: done in tag 2015A, merging into trunk in progress.

  • Integration of ARGOS changes (truth sensing, tip-tilt mode)
    • WHO: AP, GDR, LB
    • WHEN: after software merging, creating a new release like FLAO2015C or something.


  • Trac (web svn viewer) configuration:
    • WHY: trac is not refreshing after each commit. Relevant file is adopt:/aogroup/svn/AOSupervisor/hooks/post-commit but it does not work.
    • Status: done, the post commit now works.
  • Mail to Julian with daytime request
    • WHO: SE
    • WHEN: 9 Feb
  • Merging of DX and SX software
    • Merging of DX and SX into a single SVN branch
    • Outcome: FLAO2015A software release, approved for FLAO usage, to be tested with LBTI as soon as possible.
    • Status: done: "AOSupervisor/tags/2015A" from branch adsecSX2.
  • Jenkins configuration for automatic compiling

-- AlfioPuglisi - 09 Feb 2015
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