-- RunaBriguglio - 11 Sep 2012

Test of 'Bump removal' after act exclusion from ICC

yesterday we removed acts#202,211,542

we try now to sample a few modes to check if the bumps are still there

20120911_124215 0-49 150
20120911_124420 350-399 40
20120911_161028 350-399 40
the bumps on the second set of measuremnents are disappeared (compare for instance the modes #352,353,354...)

FF acquisition

restarted for a couples of time because of RIP induced by IDL Demo (false, because the IDLRPC was no longer responding)

FF tracknum 20120911_145806

Comparison with FF in use

FF 20120911_145806 has been compared with adsec.ff_matrix over the same actuator list

Some brain storming on the bumps

History of the bump

appeared on IM sampling 20120909_141836: visible on several modes, including mid-order ones.

the dynamic behaviour is: comparing push #0 and push#1 the bump is much more pronounced in push#0. the difference between push#j and push#j+1 is the zero of the measurement (i.e. the signal are identical)

act# 539 is removed

the bumps are observed in IM 20100910_124841. not on mode 352, but on higher order modes (e.g.504)

dynamical behaviour: the difference between push0 and push1 corresponds to the zero of the measurement

the bumps are also observed on W IM (20120909_205859). even on mode 352. this can be explained with an amplitude driven effect. in our sampling the commanded amplitude is much larger than that on W, so that a small bumb will not be seen.

on the remaining data, since now, we observe the same behaviour.

on a W IM (20120911_222158) the bump is not longer visible on mode 352 (but on mode 504)
  • bump on mode 352:

  • dynamical behavior of mode 352:

  • IM with W 20120909. bump on mode 352:

  • IM with W 20120911. bump on mode 352 is not visible:
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
IM20120909.jpgjpg IM20120909.jpg manage 596 K 12 Sep 2012 - 20:01 RunaBriguglio IM with W 20120909. bump on mode 352
IM20120911.jpgjpg IM20120911.jpg manage 611 K 12 Sep 2012 - 20:02 RunaBriguglio IM with W 20120911. bump on mode 352 is not visible
bumpmode350.jpgjpg bumpmode350.jpg manage 197 K 12 Sep 2012 - 20:00 RunaBriguglio bump on mode 352
bumpmode350diff.jpgjpg bumpmode350diff.jpg manage 171 K 12 Sep 2012 - 20:01 RunaBriguglio dynamical behavior of mode 352
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