-- RunaBriguglio - 06 Dec 2011

System power on

power on at 20111207_000100. fluxrate=7L/m to be checked

idlctrl.L |WAR| 773|2011-12-07 00:03:20.347710| MAIN > IDL in demo mode

fastdiagn & arbitrator found disconnected

fastdiagn &arbitrator restarted. Mirror GUI shows mirror condition within nominal values

at the very first load_program the 1/8wave has not been loaded. after a RIP, it has been loaded

long series of IDL in demo mode...

test of shell setting 2011-12-07 00:46:21.623747 with automatic rip to be investigated

20111207_023700 mirror cover installed, Hexapod powered on, TSS enabled (not energized actually)

Slewing test on telescope

starting: 20111207_055640

stop: 20111207_060500

act 626 removed ICC

Testing and removing actuators

act 626 removed from Curr

to be monitored:

337 (Dist Rms)

488 (pos, 4um jump)

250 (pos, several alarms)

248 or 249 (4um jump)

212/215 volcano

462 dist rms


461 jump 4um.

Optical Alignment 1


-1350 150 -48.3


1.37 0.64 4.69 440 520 0

List of removed actuators

626,628,50,70, both pos and curr
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