Unit B: 18 Aug 2011 activities

  • Hub related work (with Mike Wagner)
    • move Hub from transportation stand to installation cart
    • check of RRH interfaces. RRH installed on hub: all OK
    • checked the correct installaton of the mirror cover brackets mirroring the configuration of unit A
    • marked with numbers the final configuration of mirror cover brackets
    • tuning the fitting of the back cover on the hub

  • Firmware related work
    • check of firmware version comparing unit A and B. Same version on both unit, but for Accelerometer boards (unit B v.1.01, unit A v.1.00). Unit A has to be upgraded, it was temporarily downgraded during the debugging of the RIP problem. The difference between the two versions is the use of accelerometer data to drive the shell tilt (feature not currently used)

  • Hardware
    • ADAM2 installation in the cabinet. It is used to command light spots on the mirror unit miniskirt for alignment purposes with W unit. An equal ADAM2 unit was installed in cabinet of unit A on march 2010. The electronics has been tested after the installation and it is OK
    • functionality test of the overtemperature safety switch of the cabinet. The test was not possible during Microgate Run because a faulty Relay that we change on 17 Aug:
      • threshold has been set by MG to 50°C
      • we power-on the cabinet and powered the mirror unit (both single- and three-phase power on)
      • we lowered the threshold changing the set-point utill power switch-off. The power switch-off has been engaged correctly at ambient temperature (about 20°C)
      • both single- and three-phase power is switched off when over-temperature safety is engaged (full power-off of the cabinet)
      • we increased the over-temperature threshold and single-phase power went back on: over-temperature failure event is NOT latched. Three-phase was off because ADAM was reset during the power-off and when restarted keep correctly three-phase off by default.
    • check of temperature probe for the Hub:
      • functionality check: OK (housekeeping read correct values when connected)
      • mechanical interface with the hub check: OK
      • Remainder: thermal-conductive paste and screws to the hub have to be procured

  • Hexapod
    • Hexapod has been reconnected after the installation of ADAM2 to re-check functionality and set z= -8mm to assure no collision between mirror-cover and miniskirt of mirror unit

-- ArmandoRiccardi - 19 Aug 2011
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