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Test of loading onSky flats

data saved with a=get_phasemap(25,10,save=tracknum)
Flat loaded Result #modes load  
/towerdata/meas/adsec_calib/flat/20131013_164925/lbti-500modes131013.sav 558 20131021_204158  


the test to flatten the shell using the last IM failed!!

then we remembered that the mask was not designed according to thr top hat mask

new mask: 20131021_top_hat

factor =-0.5

2728|2013-10-21 21:46:11.530700| MAIN > Executing command: print,opt_int_mat_reduce2(15,track='20130826_150704',factor=-0.5)


/towerdata/meas/adsec_calib/flat/20131021_220509/flattening_result.sav 400 modes 39nm RMS

/towerdata/meas/adsec_calib/flat/20131021_221156/flattening_result.sav 600 modes 32 nm RMS

HP pos:

-0.05 0.722 3.3 -151.5 -143
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