Analysis of modal basis with powerful code by fqp

as a first point the code ha been modified to allow rebin by 4, otherwise no chance of doing the pseudo inverse.

code is in:


the tracknum are in:


lists are named for identification: numbers indicate original lists (i.e. as they have been acquired). letters indicate assembled lists (i.e. putting together the best datasets)

in the lists used, the tracknums with errors have been replace with other (the best) available tracknums.

not all the tracknum have been produced.

use: test_tracknum, tr, show=show, verb=verb, h5=h5, list=list, time=time to check

typical example: test_tracknum, xxxx, /verb, /h5 telles you if the tracknums have been produced (# images must be 811)

test_tracknum, tr, /verb, /h5, /list tells you if the tracknum has been if_reduxed

test_tracknum, tr, /show, /verb, /list, time=1 shows all the modes and masks and stops for a while when a hole in the mask is found

Description of the original lists

Name sampled convection vibration amplitude fringes density Notes Produced? If reduxed? missing modes replaced?
LIST1 20130828 large ? high from #480     yes yes yes
LIST2 20130829 large ? high from #390          
LIST3 20130830 best ? high from #330   temperature warm. jump in the chiller. sampled in two steps (mode 345 is the last) high orders only high orders only yes (the part analyzed)
LIST4 20130831 very good ? very high 0-90. high from #345 best. the central part was pretty visible temperature warm but stable low orders only low orders only  

Description of LIST A

Modes # From
0-90 LIST 4
91-404 LIST 1
405-660 LIST3

LIST A in the file

assembled using the low order modes with large amplitude from list 4

the lists have been assembled together selecting the most suitable datasets, based on 'by eye' criteria

Production of LIST4

List 4 (20130831) has been produce initially only from mode 0 to 89. This dataset has been already used form List A

List 4 has been then produced completely (all the tracknums) without inner mask, to allow in case complete reconstruction of the internal surface of the mirror.

as the mask has changed since the preliminary datya production, before running the IF_REDUX the first 6 tracknums (used for list A) have been copied in /if_functions/tracknum_copy







The full LIST4 is now ready to be if_reduxed

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