-- RunaBriguglio - 05 Jul 2010

list of main events related with SeeingLimited observations and AGw commissioning, with remote support provided by AdSec team


troubles with anemometer. during the day, all systems were powered off; at the reboot, the anemometer reading was off.

first check: from data dictionary (DDViewer, from OBS4), we found out that the reading was stopped.

the anemometer was powere cycled, but the reading was still stopped

LBTO crew found a pc that was still off after the reboot.


dome closed, rain


troubles with adsc_start. the process stopped at adamHousekeeper start, because the adam was found off

FASTDGN00 |ERR| 133538|2010-07-04 03:22:25.934475| FUNCTEMERGENCYST > CHCURRAVERAGE-0510 = -0.8
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