2010 Jun 23, 8:20 UT

Moving M3 toward interferometer focal station:

M3 was previouslu configured for FLAO/RRH in the following position:

Tip Tilt Pist Sel
as as mm deg
-1008.3 18.0 0 -43.1798

Moved for interfereometer configuration to Interferometer (BentGregorianBack):

tip tilt pist sel.
as as mm deg
-612.1 739.8 0 8.5987

Hexapod was for FLAO/RRH

x y z Rx Ry Rz
mm mm mm as as as
0.69 2.10 3.755 -320 90 0

moved for interferometer to

x y z Rx Ry Rz
mm mm mm as as as
1.3 3.256 3.39 -554.5 216 0

refined for focus tip-tilt to

x y z Rx Ry Rz
mm mm mm as as as
1.245 3.2 3.75 -554.5 216 0

preliminary test of flattening

SINGLE_MEAS\20100623_hexapod_intmat m1 - m10 see "RR at telescope.xls" for the log of measurements and results of intmat with the hexapod

after alignment the HP configuration is:

x y z Rx Ry Rz
mm mm mm as as as
1.386 3.405 3.746 -573.714 232.687 0

Interaction matrix used: meas/flat/20100525_162214/flat_data_642modes.sav

print, opt_int_mat_reduce2(400, track='20100525_162214', /check, ZERN_NOT_FLAT=[1,2,3,4,7,8])

the results of flattening are saved here SINGLE_MEAS\20100623 here the

-- ArmandoRiccardi - 23 Jun 2010
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