-- RunaBriguglio - 20 May 20

03:29 the shell is set as soon the telesxcope is a t zenith position and the swing arm is deployed

IDLCTRL00 |ALW| 2260|2010-05-20 03:28:16.864960| MAIN > Maximum mode index used to apply flat -> # 260
IDLCTRL00 |ALW| 2262|2010-05-20 03:28:17.028947| MAIN > COMM MAX [m] 7.53527e-05
IDLCTRL00 |ALW| 2263|2010-05-20 03:28:17.029385| MAIN > FORCE MAX [N] 0.140276

forces are in the range: -0.14<F<0.09 N

04:24 telescope moved down to 28 deg: forces in the range: -0.327<F<0.09

04:29 telescope back to 83 deg: taking an offset on both positions and currents, the astigmatism pattern is more clearly vuisible on the forces display rather than on the positions

07:04:01 shell set to allow swing arm to be moved to retracted position

11:50 mirror rest at the end of the night

AGW cooling closed
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