Shell set with dome close @01.00 UT.

Test running on Masterdiagnostic (thbufrelease) and Fastdiagnostic (offload modes). Ok.

Actuators #DSP 23 experienced position readings jump during the day; act27 wondering.

Shell rip @01:14 for nitrogenum filling.

act #DSP 23 eventually died @horizon.

Dome open @ 02:08

Shell set @2.11 shell RIp @ 220

with wind 1 m/s

258 rimosso da ICC

shel SET @ 2.26 con 4 m/s

38 (p1) 336(p2), 466(p2) may be removed..... from icc.... (p=priority)

dome closed @534

dome open @6.25

shell rest 08:21 after restarting adsecArb which died. il set piston currebt ha fallito e si sono stati disabilitati i coils..

shell RIP @ 0845 act 470, 530 ???

orecchia riapprsa non permette di settare a 20 gredi di elevazione

a 63 gradi, dopo un sacco di casini sw di arbitrator e aoarbitrator non sync, si setta @0903 con 8 ms wind.

Cupola chiusa per vendo alle 09:45.

-- MarcoXompero - 28 Apr 2010
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