implemented zenike rotation in the fsm_correct_modes function.-> tested should be ok -> rotation angle has to be put in some common block and Z applied has to be the "unrotated" ones.

shell set with mirror cover @ 02:22 of 24

shell set @ 03:56

check @4.49: dewpoint is more or less to temperature (TELESCOPE) housekeeper gives 6deg of check dew point. ??? shutters ???

@0545: tested setzernike: AOS Serialization error on alert registrations (build problem -> lib misalignment ) set zernike fully working .

It was decided with luca that IDL has to create a "flat_table" to be written in MSGD. (es L.FLATNAME.IRTC.1, 2, 3, )

Tested presetFlat: fixed small IDL problem

Found AOarbitrator problem: in case of failure because syntax error IDL, AdSecArb is in Failure but AOArb not.

Found AdSecArb problem: asking for RIP, AdSecArb goes in Failure state (current out of range) -> solution: AdSecArb will manage current thresholds.

Started to reconfigure FLAT folder.

Passing from Observation to StandAlone, the MirrorRest command is not accepted.

Mirror RIP @11:56. No faults occurred.

-- MarcoXompero - 24 Apr 2010
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