-- RunaBriguglio - 05 Apr 2010

Start of operations

Trying toi set the shell with telescope at horizon: after modifying the ho_offload (given that the procedure resulted in a larger force to be applied by the system) it could be hopefully possible to set the shell even at horizon....

03:47:00UT mirror set fails

03:50:25 mirror set. failed while setting (shell at 57um)

FASTDGN00 |ERR| 2035582|2010-04-06 03:51:11.723970| FUNCTEMERGENCYST > CHDISTAVERAGE-0004 = 0.247556

04:10 mirror set again but same error

FASTDGN00 |ERR| 2061320|2010-04-06 04:11:28.962704| FUNCTEMERGENCYST > CHDISTAVERAGE-0004 = 0.371312

#4 removed

system restarted 04:22

04:24:59 mirror set failed

this is because the AOS was not restarted after adsec processes

!!very windy!! wind speed measured on top of the dome up to 24 m/s

04:34:16 mirror set successfully at horizon

Maximum mode index used to apply flat -> # 153
COMM MAX [m] 7.40158e-05
FORCE MAX [N] 0.411961

ok: data saved in ...../telemetry_out/telemetry-20100406_043430-20100406_044100.sav

04:42:03 ripped "just to be safe"

05:23:40 mirror set

Maximum mode index used to apply flat -> # 411
COMM MAX [m] 7.76317e-05
FORCE MAX [N] 0.255549

05:26:50 telescope moving down to 20┬░elev

05:27:37.165921| FUNCTWARNING > FunctWarning CHINTCONTROLCURRENT-0240 -0.382409

producing a small ear on a side

7:30UT W unit powered on and start of joint activity

applied /home/aoacct/AO/V00/calib/right/adsec/M2C/KL_v2/RECs/Rec_20100316_184846.fits

series of test: telescope is pointing 15 Dra (16 27 59.0137 +68 46 05; B 4.917 ;V 4.959 ; corresponding to M5_0619)

test on camera lens done: 2000 frames taken at 4 camera lens position: +100+100; -100+100; -100-100;+100-100

test on rerotatot done: 2000 frames taken at

End of operations: approx 11:50UT
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