340-469 external actuator DIEd

removed neightbour from icc-> the forces dropped .

reinserted automatic flat procedure removing arcetri flat

RecoverFailure in AdoptControl gui patched.FSM. The arbitrator does not go in fault with error on setting

There is one DEADLOCK on PANIC. The only recovery is shutdown and startup all the sw. (seems Panic event latched)

Tha shape is permitting the AGw commissioning work but is not useful for science operations. Discussing with john it has to be reflattend maybe using W. my concern is about the ability of the mirror have a good shape with a such number of external actuators not working properly.

1.51 dome opened.storm is coming

- intra extra focal images: high order modes?

- john noticed a "bump" of the astigmatism over the elevation: maybe some astatic level stuck?

- 20um in the primary resulted as +2.5with fsm_correct_modes---> WHIY!!!

- moreover th astigmatism grow up with the elevation

- enable_ho_offload and fsm_correct_modes fight between themselves

vv = fltarr(22) & vv[5] = 0e-6 & vv[6] = 0e-6 & writefits, '/tmp/modes.fits', vv & print, fsm_correct_modes(vv, /passed)

NB il correct modes e' diventato incrementale!!!!!!!!!!! -> FIXED

-correct modes command_line:

astigmatism tes Z6t: aligned in 35 deg; bak to zenith and back to the target -> I noticed astigmatism modification going up and down but stable: it can be corrected with a look up table

adsec arbitrator dies unexpectectly: restart with engineering GUIs

added LUT for astigmatism (found mostly linear correlation)in the set_ho_modes: NB the elevation variable has to be present in the RTDB

CURRENT ZERNIKE APPLIED has to be updated in the RTDB. The gui has to send DELTA.

adjusted orientation in adsecMirGUI

housekeeper non legge bene: dspbiascurrent-dspcmola/b, dspfmola/b

-- MarcoXompero - 22 Mar 2010
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