Removed actuator DSP#277 for large position RMS

Modified filt_flat (create in which you can pass an actuator list forced to use current feedback

list used: [336, 340, 348, 375, 381, 383, 355, 356, 357, 358, 359, 361, 362, 363, 364, 365, 352, 353, 354, 355, 367, 366]

seems to work @zenith with no big effects (the mirror works well today: maybe temperature related problem?) (Fmin, Fmax<0.23)

removed zenith_angle from sys_status and added elevation_angle variable, updated with setpistoncurrent function

added actuator list adsec.adsec.act_w_ffb_on_flat field to force the force feedback usage during the flattening

algorithm not working @20 deg

automatic flattening procedure seems not workig. forced to be the last calibrated flat.

the flat has to be modified when actuators are removed (otherwise propably the actual load_shape and filt_flat4 procedure does not work)

/home/aoacct/releases/src1/conf/adsec/672a/data/flat/20100321_040011_agw_commissioning.sav: flat with astigmatism applied

closing the loop with active optics I recognize a pattern due to the modes cut in ho offload. the modes cut has to be increased.

06:00 the shell ripped 2 times : hw problem in the well know board

08.30: all ok

developed routine filt_flat5 as patch for applying the flat in case of electrical problems on the edge. TO BE TESTED

john asked for correctModes command (from PSF-> AOS -> AOARB->ADSECARB)

1257: system still working

-- MarcoXompero - 20 Mar 2010
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