Enabling and usingTCS Telemetry

NOTE: TCS dismissed mysql based telemetry implementation and is now writing to HDF files onto /lbt/telemetry_data. The following info is outdated.


TCS telemetry is installed on */lbt/telemetry/r16/ (for version r16) using the telemetry package (see: TcsEnvironment)


  • mysql-server is required (but must not be started as a service: there is a specific start command).
  • the variable TEL_STORE_CFG_FILE in TCS configuration file lbt.conf, is used to find the mysql configuration file. No value is defined for locale "arcetri", so the default is used. Currently it is: /lbt/telemetry/r12/etc/localhost-my.cnf.

Starting/stopping telemetry

To start telemetry use the command (selecting the proper version):

  • /lbt/telemetry/r16/bin/test_store/admin_test install

To stop telemetry use the command (again version may vary):

  • /lbt/telemetry/r16/bin/test_store/admin_test uninstall

To check wether telemetry is running use the command: ps -ef | grep mysqld to get:
aos      14135     1  0 Nov24 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/mysqld --socket=/tmp/telemetry/collection.sock --port=61001 --server_id=1 --datadir=/tmp/telemetry/collection --log-bin=/tmp/telemetry/collection-bin --log-warnings=2 --log-error=/tmp/telemetry/collection.err --pid-file=/tmp/telemetry/collection.pid --binlog-ignore-db=mysql --binlog-ignore-db=test --max_sp_recursion_depth=10 --table_cache=500 --max_connections=500 --wait_timeout=2147483

You can connect to the telemetry mysql, and examine the content, with:
mysql --socket=/tmp/telemetry/collection.sock --user=tel_collector --password=password

mysql> show databases;
| Database           |
| information_schema | 
| tel_metadata       | 
| tel_streams        | 
| test               | 
4 rows in set (0.00 sec)

mysql>  use tel_streams;
Database changed

mysql> show tables;
| Tables_in_tel_streams                 |
| n52dd887a_2f7a_11e0_9e5a_003005849793 | 
| n93c7c494_2f7b_11e0_9e5a_003005849793 | 

To look into the telemetry database you may use:


AOS & telemetry

There is a global parameter in lbt.conf to enable the telemetry collection: collectTelemetry.

If not present the default in AOS is true.

AOS has a specific parameter to enable telemetry collection: AOSLtelEnable

Moreover when AOS starts it will check the avaiability of telemetry support and will disable recording if not available.

Access to telemetry data @LBTO

Telemetry data can be browsed with a web based interface:

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