Software Progress Report - September 2010

In the second half of September 2010 more software tests were performed at Mt.Graham.

AO Supervisor

  • More tests on the new structure of diagnostic software.
  • More enhancements to base supervisor libraries.
  • Small fixes to MsgD.
  • All AO Arbitrator variables have been revised.
  • Process startup procedures revised, again.
  • Communication paths in MsgD have been revised to allow the "clustering" of MsgD copies and the definition of "domains".
  • Small modification to base libraries needed for the above enhancements. No changes to API, anyway.

  • Many spare bug fixes as a result of testing at the telescope.

AdSec Software

  • The IDL controller interface has been enhanced by adding an RPC based mechanism.
  • Some revisions to the low level IDL scripts.
  • The IDL license check procedure has been revised.
  • Enhancements to the AdSec Arbitrator.
  • Continued the revision of configuration file structure.
  • Low level "flattening" procedures revised.
  • More enhancements to engineering GUI.

WFS Software

  • WFS configuration splitted to allow two versions of WFS to be operated concurrently.
  • The support for switching input in the "switchBCU" and to direct diagfnostic data to the proper WFS controller has been added (needed for LBTI support)
  • The modified code and configuration has been tested.
  • Various minor upgrades to procedures and GUIs.


  • Some enhancements to aoslib and to the related test program.
  • Added the support for an emulator environment to perform off-line tests of AOS functionality.
  • Some new features retrofitted in AO5 build. This was necessary to allow AO5 buid to operate with nthe new version of AO Supervisor.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the SetNewInstrument command to operate properly. This was applied to BP3 and trunk versions, too.
  • Telemetry support code revised.
  • More work on the testing emulator.
  • Updated AO supervisor library.
  • The prelimirary support of multiple WFS has been added (required to support LBTI operations)
  • A bug was fixed in offload modes procedure.


  • Some enhancements to test programs.
  • Some enhancements to Interferometer data analysis procedures.
  • Another small enhtancement to the make procedure.
  • The main test program (thrdtest) modified to properly support the Ao Arbitrator emulating environment (see AOS).
  • Upgraded elab-lib
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