Software Progress Report - September 2009

Software related activity in September was essentially devoted to software tests which resulted in suggestions for bugs to fix and many sparse enhancements.

AdOpt Software

Common software and libraries

  • More bug fixes


  • Engineering GUI ( AdsecMirGui) improved and test/debug is ongoing
  • An FSM for AdSec system check up has been developed ( fsm_func_check())
  • A procedure to write WFS matrix and configuration data has been developed
  • Several enhancements to configuration procedures
  • Bug fixes and enhancements to the hexapod simulation code.
  • Optical interaction matrix concept enhanced.
  • More work on chopping data reduction SW.
  • The AdSec IDL code has been proven to run in MS Windows environment


  • GUI improvements (log scale added, an "IRTC" mode added, CPU usage lowered) and some bug fixes.
  • Improvements to autocenter/autofocus procedure.
  • Improved calibration procedures.
  • Some enhancements to security checks (overtemperature protection and power off procedure)


  • The IRTC has been integrated with the WFS software adding procedures to take images automatically.

System Calibration

  • A focus search procedure has been developed to optimize the PSF of the IRTC.
  • Quality checks added to the measure of the Interaction Matrix. The measuring procedure has been improved to correct for drifts of the solar tower.
  • Better pupil acquisition procedure. Pupils for larger binnings can now be generated from binning 1 pupil.

Diagnostic data archiving

  • FITS files generation improved with more keywords
  • Additional data from AdSec diagnostics is saved.

AO Arbitrator

  • Improved status logging
  • The FSM has been slightly modified
  • Many tests in simulation mode performed.


  • Continued tests of interactions between AOS AOSGUI, AOS clients and the AO Supervisor
  • Some small modifications to the AOS set of commands to comply with TCS compatibility requirements


  • The log file browser is now fully usable
  • Some work on a system for remote retrieval of log data has been started
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