Software Progress Report - October 2010

In october 2010 the software development activity was essentially devoted to enhancements and bug-fixes derived from on site work at the telescope. AO Supervisor and AOS versions were synchronized to properly operate and to include the latest upgrades.

AO Supervisor

  • Some cleanup and bug fixes: (debugging code removed, version information enforced in most programs, the Logger code was imporced and some bugs fixed)

  • Enhancements to implementation of some Ao Arbitrator commands.

  • The alert mechanism in Arbitrator has been revised and improved.

  • Small improvememtns to Ao Arbitrator FSM.

  • Some enhancements and bug-fixes to the Message Daemon and related test program (thrdtest). The header of messages has been extended to better support clustering of peers and backward compatibility code has been added to MsgD.

  • Improvements to diagnostic code.

AdSec Software

  • Enhancements to some engineering GUIs

  • Enhancements to implementation of some AdSec Arbitrator commands

  • Enhancements and bug-fixes to several low level procedures

WFS Software

  • Enhancements to some low level procedures.


  • Variable mirroring from AO Sup modified to use new MsgD features

  • Added support for LBTI WFS (WFS related variables and one argument to WfsOn/!WfsOff commands)

  • AOSGUI was added some info on AO Supervisor "health": a variable is used to asses the presence of all required processes

  • Many enhancements to the emulator based test procedure

  • AO Sup libraries updated to latest version.


  • Many upgrades and bug fixes to post processing software (elab_lib)
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