Software Progress Report October 2008

AdOpt Software

  • An enhanced version of the Housekeepr GUI (the DM diagnostic GUI which will be delivered at the telescope) has been written and is under test.
  • Diagnostic software improvements to support Solar Tower tests of WFS+DM
  • Better definition of calibration related items:
    • FoV, dark frames, slope null, etc.
    • The strategy for calibration files organization & automatic retrieval has been designed.
  • Further task automation (startup/shutdown, restore of previous configuration, autofocus, etc.)
  • Added internal BCU parameters monitoring (temperatures)
  • Compilation and installation procedures have been reviewed and upgraded
  • Small bugfixes and improvements to base software
  • Software support for integration & testing of W#2
  • SOme image processing procedures to measure the retrorefllector shape with lens F3 have been added.
  • Updated the Adaptive Secondary Arbitrator.
  • The procedure to detach the shell has been tested
  • Some modification to IDL interfaces to match specifications of AO Supervisor architecture.
  • Implemented the initial change of states in AOArbitrator and the related GUI.
  • Enhancements to the Arbitrator framework to support asynchronous messages.
  • Coding of a test GUI for the AOArbitrator started
  • A deadlock problem has been discovered in the Message Daemon. Although it only appears when the daemon is challenged by very high artificial load, we are working to fix it.


  • A document describing the variables used in interfacing the AOS and the AO-Arbitrator is being written.
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