Software Progress Report - November 2009

The activity related to AdOpt Software was completely devoted to the test of the entire system by using the final version of the AO Software.

AdOpt software

Bug fixes and enhancements in all the procedures involved in the test activity


We actively used the AOS to control the AO system in the tower lab. Here follows a brief resume of each test performed.

  • PresetFlatAO: The AO system startup ends with the mirror ready for seeing limited use with a default mirror shape. This command allows to select different mirror shapes.

  • PresetAO: vfter this command the AO system correctly performs all the setup operations to be ready for reference star acquisition.

  • AcquireRefAO: various test were performed with simulatred starts of different magnitude.The system is capable to identify the reference source, acquire it, and return the related parameters.

  • CheckRefAO: It performs the same sequence as AcquireRefAO, but instead of moving the WFS stages to set the pyramid under the refference star, it returns the offset value to allow the telescope to adjust pointing.

  • ModifyAO: It performs the same sequence as AcquireRefAO, after forcing some parameters to desired values.

  • StartAO, PauseAO, ResumeAO, StopAO: have been repeatedly exercised.

  • OffsetXY, OffsetZ: have been repeatedly exercised.

  • Offload Modes: the procedure has been tested and verified by forcing WFS offsets and veryfing the capability of the system to offload tip, tilt and focus to the hexapod.


All the above tests were performed by using the AOS GUI. As a result several details of the GUI were modified to improve its usability.


The first Cisco Ethernet switch has been mounted in the AdSec rack and tests in the last week have been performed using it without any problem.
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