Software Progress Report November 2007

AdOpt Software

  • Continued work on the "Arbitrator". The development involves at the same time the server and the interface library.

  • Review of many Makefile to improve robustness. The aim of this job is to have procedures which allow unattended compilation and build of the entire system on any target workstation.

  • Improvements in the basic logging utilities, focused on the aspects which will allow problem identification and solving when running at the telescope.

The following points are related to lab activities in preparation for the arrival of the adaptive secondary.

  • Software support for CCD39 noise measures.

  • Software support for the testing of AdSec calibration procedures

  • Updates to the library to control the interferometer

  • Quick fixes and updates to support lab activity


  • Continued work to improve robustness of the core framework. Many tests have been performed in order to verify the correct behaviour of the AOS in all possible conditions (i.e.: against AdOpt software failures and restarts, against network failures, and the like).

  • We experienced two problems related with TCS which required a significant amount of time to spot out. The first, which caused a crash in the AOS, has been tracked down to a memory leak in the TCS core software; TCS crew has been informed and a workaround provided. The second is related to OSS which after the last updates has a strange behaviour (it goes into a heavy CPU loop on a PC and crashes on another) is still under investigation.

  • Preliminary version of the AOS GUI ready. The GUI layout has been reviewed by relevant peoples in Arcetri.
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