Software Progress Report - March 2011

The software activity this month was devoted to upgrades and configuration changes related to the support of FLAO #2.

A review of the Arbitrator code to support multiple WFS (needed for LBTI) has been also started.

AO Supervisor

  • Started modifications to support multiple WFSs
  • Bug fixes in the AO Arbitrator
  • Improved organization of GUI support code

AdSec Software

  • Improvements and bug fixes in several engineering GUIs
  • Many small improvements to low level IDO code.

WFS Software

  • Better choice of MsgD names (to support of multiple WFS)
  • WFS Arbitrator and lower level procedure improved to support multiple WFS
  • Improvemets to some engineering GUIs


  • Fixed bug in AOSGUI
  • Added check of global telemetry enable flag
  • WFS specification argument addetd to AoSup:PresetAO command
  • Imported updated Ao Supervisor code
  • Fixed bug in initial variable clear
  • Version 1.2 of the AOS Guide (the document describing the AOS) aka CAN 481s301c completed. To be released very soon.


  • improved logger code: added file locking
  • Lab test software environment modified to be closer to mountain setup.
  • More calibration/configuration data produced in the lab
  • Include file reorganization
  • Some bug fixes in Makefile and build procedures
  • More work on post-processing procedures: improved graphics, modifications to support FLAO #2, more functions added, bug fixes
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