Software Progress Report June 2009

The main effort regarding software in june has been devoted to the tests in the Solar Tower both in the form of support to general test activity and for specific software tests. This activity is thoroughly described in dedicated reports.

Some efforts have been, anyway, dedicated to software development, as detailed below.

AdOpt Software

Common software and libraries

  • The capability to exchange messages between several instances of the MsgD has been added. This allowed to split the AO Supervisor components on two workstations: one for the WFS and the other for the AdSec. MsgD debugging functions have been improved, and the support for variables of undefined value has been added.
  • The Python bindings for the basic communication library ( thrdlib) have been revised and enhanced.


  • A new and improved flattening procedure to cope with possible miscalibrations of actuators has been developed. The new procedure uses some statistics to detect ill calibrated actuators and modifies the control strategy for those.
  • The thin shell setting procedure has been improved to better cope with wind effects. This was obtained by improving the control algorithm for the actuators during the set up movements.
  • Some enhancements to the AdSec low-level procedures: safe recovery from skipipped frame, support for "on the fly" reconstructor modification, a preliminary version of a "snapshot" procedure to collect data when a fault is detected and store it for off-line analysis.
  • Enhanced configuration procedure to increase safety of the thin shell
  • Enhancemenmts to the error management procedures.
  • Some bugs fixed (related to the current integrators and the IDLCtrl)
  • AdSec Mirror Diagnostic GUI development still in progress
  • AdSec-Arb and AdSec-Arb GUI have been enhanced: more checks on input parameters, a new command to save a status snapshot and a procedure for the management of configuration files have been added


  • A new check added for the validation of darks
  • Automatic fucusing and centering procedure have been improved for speed and reliability by modifying the algorithms.
  • WFS-Arb and WFS-Arb GUI have been enhanced: more checks on input parameters, a new command to save a status snapshot and a procedure to restore a previously save status have been added
  • A memory leak bug was detected and removed

AO Arbitrator

  • AO Supervisor processes have been splitted so that now they run on either the WFS workstation or the AdSec workstation.
  • A prototype AO-Arb GUI has been developed. More safety checks added to the procedures to be used by AO-Arb.


  • Major revision of the Diagnostic subsystem. Now MasterDiagnostic gathers all data from the BCUs and automatically manages the amount of data decimation needed to avoid data loss.
  • The network layout has been modified to replicate the layout at the telescope.


  • Many enhancements to the AOS-GUI.
  • Full tests of AOS variable managements have been performed, whith verification of GUI related ones.
  • An improved AOS testing procedure written in Python has been developed.


  • The procedures for the 4D interferometer images acquisition have been enhanced to improve the speed.
  • Some IDL procedure to support the Optical Acceptance Test (for LBT672a) have been developed. They include: Arcetri Test Tower monitoring, 4D interferograms analysis and comparison, time series data reduction, analysis of chopping movements.
  • Started the development of a Data Analysis Package to standardize the data analysis tasks in the solar tower. The procedure will also be useful at the telescope for commissioning and troubleshooting tasks.
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