Software Progress Report - June 2010

Most of the software development effort during June 2010 is still being devoted to debug and improvements of the procedures at the AO Supervisor level.

AdSec Software

  • Data saving procedures modified to allow saving of accelerometer data
  • Bug fixes in IDL interface
  • Added a set of utility procedures
  • Help improved

WFS Software

  • Enhancements to low level WFS procedures (XYZ offsets, TT/Focus offload, camera lens centering, dark calibration commands)
  • Added some procedures to manage accelerometer data
  • Small enhancements to the GUI


  • Small updates to offload coeeficiens based on tests on sky
  • Some more telescope status variables mirrored into AO Supervisor RTDB


  • A full revision of the Logger class has been started. The class is used by most Supervisor components to write info onto log files.
  • Some sparse modifications needed to cope with newer GCC version (4.4.3)
  • Some revisions to calibration and configuration data file structure.
  • Updates to elab-lib (IDL library used in postprocessing of AO related data).
    • More runtime parameters are stored for analysis.
    • Some routines to analyze the PSD of the vibrations on the focal plane, on the WFS sensor and on the mirror have been implemented.
    • A database of pre-analyzed results is under development and will serve to rapidly query the large amount of closed-loop data stored during the on-sky tests.
  • Small modification to thrdlib (logging features)
  • Some code cleanup
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