Software Progress Report - July 2009

A software meeting devoted to the development of AOS and to interaction between TCS and the AO SUpervisor was held in Tucson on July 10-11.

The main focus was concentrated to identify the code to be enhanced and/or developed in order to allow a thorough testing at the Tower LAB. A complete revision of the AOS GUI was also considered necessary in order to allow the sending of AO commands from an operator console, both for testing purposes and as a functionality which will remain available in the version running at the telescope. As a result some software development activities were necessary to implement the required code.

Here follows a list of the main areas of software related activity.

AdOpt Software

Common software and libraries

  • The support for UNDEFINED varibles has been added to the RTDB library
  • A few enhancements to libraries have been made to fix problems or to add a few functions as a result of testing activity.


  • Some bugfixes and enhancements to the AdsecArbitrator to enhance robustness with respect to error conditions.
  • Enhancements to the disgnositcs functions.


  • The support for commands to the WsfArbitrator has been finalized
  • The engineering GUI has been enhanced.
  • Some scripts have been revised

AO Arbitrator

  • The set of commands has been completely defined and implemented as stub.
  • The FSM has been revised.
  • Enhancements to the GUI


  • Some enhancements to the MasterDiagnostic
  • New functionalities added to dump diagnostic data for off-line analysis


  • Small modifictions to commands API
  • The command panel has been added to AOS GUI. DD variables to support the interaction have been added
  • Testing in simulation mode have been continued.
  • AOS testing procedure has been enhanced


  • The management of configuration files has been revised. This affects many software components
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