Software Progress Report - July 2007

  • A number of installation tests has been performed with TCS software. After some interaction with Tucson SW guys we are now able to install and run TCS in a repeatable way. This was aimed mainly to be able to use OSS to control the hexapod at the solar tower.

  • We also discovered the need to make some modifications to the OSS software. We will notify Tucson people (i.e.: Paul) about all this in the next few days.

  • Some software development was devoted to develop a few procedures to control the interferometer which has been installed at the solar tower in order to allow to set up automatic procedures for optics alignments and the like.

  • The software controlling the Adaptiver Secondary Shell has been debuggged and upgraded during tests with the real thing.

  • Some procedure for the control of the Swing Arm Rack ADAM have been developed.

  • Generic debugging activity

  • AOS related development: a number of improvements have been made to the AOS in order to increase the robustness of communication with the AO Supervisor against all the possible real woirld conditions (network breakdown, processes disappearing and the like).

  • The coding of the AO Arbitrator (i.e. the AO Supervisor process which communicates with the AOS) has been started.
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