Software Progress Report - January 2011

In january 2011 we have worked on more bug fixes as a result of the continuing commissioning activity on Mt. Graham, and we have continued the preparation of the software environment for the tests in Solar Tower Lab of unit FLAO #2

AO Supervisor

  • Some bug fixes and small enhancements in base libraries.
  • Added more status variables (used by AOS)
  • The Arbitrator framework has been modified to make status synchronization more robust. Error logging improved.
  • Improverments in log messages.
  • Added support for some debug functions to MsgD

AdSec Software

  • More work on the RPC based IDL interface
  • Improved error messages in many IDL procedures
  • More configuration data for Unit 672b generated in lab.

WFS Software

  • Wfs Arbitrator scheme upgraded (aligned to scheme already adopted for AOArbitrator and AdSecArbitrator)
  • Improved error messages
  • Improvements in test procedures
  • Some improvements in engineering GUIs
  • Improved communication with lower level procedures (more checks to allow faster error detection)
  • Added CRC and timeout error checks to FastLink fiber communication procedure
  • Improved OffsetXY low level procedure
  • More configuration data for W1 generated in Tower Lab.
  • A new GUI for pupil optimization has been implemented


  • AOSGUI improvements (more status indicators added)
  • Updated base communication library (to fix bug causing crashes)
  • OffsetXY bug fixed
  • Fixed bug preventing WFS image display
  • Many enhancements to emulator and test procedures


  • Removed dependencies on the mVar mirror program (the functionality has been integrated into MsgD)
  • A lot of improvements to the post processing routines (elab_lib).

  • The PC hosting a TCS installation for solar tower tests has been upgraded (S.O. version CentOS 5.4) and the most recent version of TCS has been installed and tested.
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