Software Progress Report April 2009

AdOpt Software

The main achivement of this month was the upgrade of the Supervisor software to support the splitting of runn ing processes in two computers: one for the Adaptive Secondary and the other for the WFS. This upgrade was prompted by two needs: to increase the cpu power available to the secondary diagnostics process and to ease the reusability of the Supervisor components in future developments (e.g.: to support LBTI, Argos, etc.).

While the Supervisor was designed from the beginning to be able to run on multiple cpu's, a number of details had to be adjusted. Most of the following points are related with this upgrade.

  • An installation and configuration procedure has been developed to allow a fast deployement of all the components of the Supervisor Software on a computer. Configuration files structure has been revised to allow a fast selection of the required configuration.

  • The software startup procedure has been revised to allow the startup of the required subset of processes needed for the controlled subsystem.

  • The MsgD code has been modified so that identical MsgD processes running on networked workstations can communicate among them.

  • A deadlock in the MsgD when some client was not responding was solved. This required the addition of a (configurable) timeout to the communication between MsgD and the clients. This solved a long time problem related to one of the engineering GUIs.

  • The MasterDiagnostic process has been upgraded to support the rerouting of a subset of diagnostic data to the WFS.

  • The work on the AdSec Arbitrator has been continued. Software tests have started together with the related GUI.

  • The IDL_Controller showed some instabilities. A revision of the code has started with the aim to obtain better reliability.

  • The procedures for the computation of interaction matrix and for other calibration operations have been tested and upgraded.


  • A revision of the definition of AOS operations and its relationship with other TCS components has started. A document with a complete description of the AOS functions and their implementation is in preparation.


  • A document about required network topology for the AdOpt System has been written. It includes details derived from the need to support two independent workstations for the AO Supervisor software. See CAN 485f004b.
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