Summary of meeting held in "Aula Rosa" on 12 Apr 2010

The discussion showed the following high priority tasks:
  • AO Arbitrator
    • fix the management of failure status from W and AdSec arbitrators
    • Sync at startup the AO Arbitrator status with W and AdSec statuses

  • W
    • check the definition of the zero position of the rotator

  • AdSec
    • review the logging level of messaging for removing "log spamming"
    • define a watch-dogging system among the processes to assure safe behavior in case of process death

  • AO system (in order of priority)
    • define a releasing policy and development configuration
    • setup the shared disk for AO (equivalent to /towerdata in Arcetri) and make its configuration not requesting user setup
    • define a stable structure of data (calibration data, measurement data, etc.)
    • define a set of procedures for testing AO software functionality (es. for testing new sw releases):
      • in Arcetri without connection to hardware
      • without optical feedback (i.e. without retroreflecting optics)
      • with retroreflector optical feedback
      • on-sky
    • test of modal offloading mechanism at the telescope (requires AO4 passing the test)
    • scripting to startup system (processes) and user environment (GUIs from any Xterm)
    • backup strategy (long term issue)
-- ArmandoRiccardi - 13 Apr 2010
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