Argos calibration unit

We tried to use the Argos calibration unit, but the cabinet had been powered off. When powering on, the Siemens controller loses its IP address and must be reconfigured with a laptop. No one is available on site to do this, so we decide to mount the retro again in the last few hours

LBTI source alignment

We try the internal W-source of LBTI but cannot really understand the images on the CCD, so we rotate the cube back towards the retro-reflector and hope for the best.

This time the heavens align, and an out-of-focus image scrolls by the SHARK camera. After some fiddling with hexapod, Bayside stages and cube, the spot is centered on the LBTI pyramid and the loop is closed.

We load a lot of coma on the mirror, as a result the loop has difficulty in closing 400 modes, we keep only 300 closed.

  • LBTI Bayside stages: X=-52, Y=-41, Z=-18
  • LBTI cube: stage = -86.0 mm, rotator = 207.4 degrees
  • LBTI filterwheels: #1 = 400-700nm, #2 = open
  • Hexapod: X=-1, Y=1.9, Z=5.1, RX=-430, RY=-65, Rz=0
  • M3: Tip = -1016, tilt = +20, piston = 0, Sel = 0.257. Focal station = bentGregorianCenter
Fine centering and manual focus on SHARK:
  • X= -52.125, Y=-41.10, Z=-15.75
  • NCPA inserted with : mode 4 amp= -15e-9 e basta.

-- AlfioPuglisi - 13 Feb 2015
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