Porting to Qt4

Some progress has been made in porting GUIs to Qt4. However, the task looks too big to be completed in time for the UAO release.

Changeset with commits related to Qt4 in trunk:
  • r4061 - (AP) Most GUIs compiling on Centos7
  • r4105 - (AP) Porting of Python GUIs to Qt4 in progress. Moved old GUIs...
  • r4106 - (AP) Porting to PyQt4 in progress
  • r4112 - (AP) Porting to Qt4 in progress
  • r4113 - (AP) Porting to Qt4 in progress
  • r4114 - (AP) Porting to Qt4 in progress
(SVN root: svn+ssh://adopt.arcetri.astro.it/aogroup/svn/AOSupervisor )

Qt4 changesets removed

The above changesets have been removed with these SVN commands:

svn merge -c -4114 .
svn merge -c -4113 .
svn merge -c -4112 .
svn merge -c -4106 .
svn merge -c -4105 .
svn merge -c -4061 .

All conflicts has been accepted as "theirs-full" (tf)

Qt3 packages

On Centos7, qt3 is available but it seems that PyQt3 is not.

On Centos6, both qt3 and PyQt3 are available and can be downloaded from atrpms:
curl -O https://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/dl.atrpms.net/el6.7-x86_64/atrpms/stable/atrpms-repo-6-7.el6.x86_64.rpm
sudo rpm -Uvh atrpms-repo*rpm

Modify atrpms.repo so that it points to the mirror service instead of just to dl.atrpms.net:
sudo vi /etc/yum.repos.d/atrpms.repo

sudo yum install PyQt-devel

-- AlfioPuglisi - 18 Dec 2015
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