Performance log and analysis (old version)

This procedure has been discontinued in summer 2011 and is replaced by the more general performance data gathering procedure describesd in BackupLBTO.

Network traffic data gathering

A python application has been developed to extract from kernel memory relevant informationi: (see also attachment). A brief description is provided as help output:
NetMonitor 2.1 -  L.Fini, Feb. 2011

This program gathers network related information much like the one provided by
the command 'netstat -i -c', and stores it in a log file, together with a 

        python [-S sysname] [-d <logdir>] [-s interval] [-v] -i <interface> [-i <interface>]

        python -h

      -d logdir    Specify log directory (default: '.')
      -i interface Specify an interface name (eg: eth1). May be
      -s interval  Specify sampling interval (default: 5.0 seconds)
      -S sysname   Specify sysname (to put in data file comment)
      -v           Be verbose (but only at start)

      -h           Print this help page and exit.


NetMonitor should usually be launched in background. Current status is reported 
in: <logdir>/

A separate file is created for each interface, every day.
File names have the format: netstat_<intf>.<date>.mon. E.g.: netmon_eth1.20110219.mon

Log files are made up of data lines and, possibly comment lines as in the 
following example:

1297857278.98 12796 127 0 7935 45 0
1297857281.98 5092 48 0 0 0 0
1297857284.99 3345 37 0 0 0 0
1297857287.99 6194 59 0 2540 7 0

The program can be stopped by creating a file named: <logdir>/netstat.stop

The procedure is started from /etc/rc.d/rc.local

The specific commands for each machine are, currently (Feb 2011):

  • adsecdx: /usr/local/bin/ -S adsecdx -d /local/aolog/monitor -i eth1 -i eth3 -i eth4 -i eth5 &
    data files are thus created in: /local/aolog/monitor

  • wfsdx: /usr/local/bin/ -S wfsdx -d /local/aolog/monitor -i eth1 -i eth3 -i eth4 -i eth5 &
    data files are thus created in: /local/aolog/monitor

  • aoserver: /usr/local/bin/ -S aoserver -d /var/log/adopt/monitor -i eth0 -i eth1 -i eth2 -i eth3 &
    data files are in: /var/log/adopt/monitor

  • aospare: /usr/local/bin/ -s aospare -d /home/adopt/logs/monitor -i eth0 -i eth1 -i eth2 &
    data files are in: /home/adopt/logs/monitor
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