OS Issues: Environment, Configuration, Setup


Setup @ LBTO

Setup @ Arcetri


  • Feb 23, 2009: Installed CentOS 5.2 on aoserver (L.Fini). yum update also done.

  • Sep 2009: to install CentOS 5.2 on Fujitsu Esprimo ( aotcs), when booting the installation DVD use: linux pci=nommconf (and put the same option in grub configuration)

  • Sep 2009: Installed CentOS 5.3 on aows. The atl1 driver for erthernet adapter eth1 must be compiled (the installed version is in attachment). The following actions were required:
    1. Commenting out the definition of irqreturn_t in file kcompat.h to avoid conflict with Linux include
    2. Changing to lowercase atl1 in the definition: alias eth1 atl1 into file /etc/modprobe.conf

  • Oct 2009: Installed CentOS 5.3 on tcstest. This machine is to be used for AOS tests instead of aotcs

  • Feb 2011: tcstest upgraded to Centos 5.5. Last revision of TCS installed under user tcsnew. This is to be used for FLAO 2 tests.
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