Configured vnc server on Magellan ADSEC PC:


as usual for starting the server:

- login as aosup@magasm, pwd: aosup*27

- start vncserver :20 -geometry 1280x1024

for using it:

- from local network: vncviewer magasm:20 (pwd: m1rr0r)

- from outside: use vnc local port forwarding over ssh (

Start testig the system.



90 deg:

STATUS - /home/aosup/adopt/measures/adsec_calib/status_save/20120525_155014/status_save_90deg.sav

SINGLE STEP - ;/home/aosup/adopt/measures/adsec_calib/step/20120525_155259/ and full set: adopt/measures/adsec_calib/step/20120525_174220/

TURBULENCE TRACKING: /home/aosup/adopt/measures/adsec_calib/step/20120525_155259/

SLEW: start Fri May 25 16:28:56 CEST 2012

stop about every 17.5 deg and saving status:

1) /home/aosup/adopt/measures/adsec_calib/status_save/20120525_163340/status_save_90deg.sav (max 0.18)

2) /home/aosup/adopt/measures/adsec_calib/status_save/20120525_163657/status_save_73deg.sav (max 0.26)

3) /home/aosup/adopt/measures/adsec_calib/status_save/20120525_164114/status_save_55deg.sav (max 0.18)

4) /home/aosup/adopt/measures/adsec_calib/status_save/20120525_164518/status_save_37deg.sav (max 0.21)

5) /home/aosup/adopt/measures/adsec_calib/status_save/20120525_165534/status_save_25deg.sav

added 3 ice bottle.

Consider remove 239 DSP from ICC

start slewing down and up @ Fri May 25 17:03:46 CEST 2012

/home/aosup/adopt/measures/adsec_calib/status_save/20120525_170659/status_save_90deg_after_slew.sav: ,ax force 0.31!!! (all around central hole)

shell reset, slewing again 1-2

recording accelerometers going up and dpwn: /home/aosup/adopt/measures/adsec_calib/acc/20120525_172019/acc_up_down.sav

again 3-4-5. END: Fri May 25 17:37:54 CEST 2012

Tested TSS engaging at @90deg. DSP#635 Fri May 25 20:38:00 CEST 2012

Proceeding with slewing from 90deg to 0deg with TSS engaged. Fri May 25 20:53:33 CEST 2012 Tested TSS at 20 deg and horizon, no issues. Found the DSP#635 with "no orpello" inside.

Slew 1+1

Confirmed increase force around membrane from horizon to zenith . resolved with a load_shape().

STATUS: from 90 to 20 /home/aosup/adopt/measures/adsec_calib/status_save/20120525_213613/status_20deg.sav

STEP: problem with FASTDIAGNOSTIC: DiagnApp::Run() caught exception. Unlocking fastvars mutex [DiagnApp.cpp:852] fastdiagn.L |FAT| 146861|2012-05-25 21:39:21.576181| MAIN > [AOVarException] Error writing variable (code -5001) Timeout error File RTDBvar.cpp line 432 repeating test: adopt/measures/adsec_calib/step/20120525_214646/ ALL OK

TURBULENCE : Trying to reset for turbulence, the shell was REST and TSS engaged. The shell started to oscillate with coil disabled. The TSS power supply amperometer shows a "fall" of the indicator in two steps after about 10 seconds.

Sembra essere un problema di temperatura....

Slew con storia temporale che va: Sat May 26 02:25:17 CEST 2012

Rest: fischia.

Misura SPI: si vede che il crate 4 non va. -?> /home/aosup/adopt/measures/adsec_calib/spi/20120526_024317/fischio.sav


Test: set shell+rip+autoTssEngaging -----> fischio dopo 10s -----> fischio permane dopo power_off()

-- MarcoXompero - 25 May 2012
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