-- RunaBriguglio - 10 Feb 2012

System powered on at 20120210_124500

Cooling status: mirror=15°, bench=12°

act#657 (bad DSP board is 57 um)

14:15 error not fixed yet

mirror circuit set to 16°->19°

14:45 after an fsm_fault_recovery the system is ok. after a second fsm_fault_recovery (30 s later) the dsp is back in fault

15:13 shell set successfully

15:45 temperature lowered to 18° then to 16°

act #649 out of range, removed

found mismatch between fastdiagn &idlctr, act#2 removed from fastdiagn


at 16°(=17° water inlet) the dsp board was ok

system powered off for safety reasons 16:50

system restarted 17:19


dsp board on error, after 20 minutes the shell can be set correctly
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