System startup.

humidity high:55->65 keep monitoring

by the way, here is a strong correlation between cptemp and humidity.

also two spikes have been noticed on humidity and fluxrate

shell set nominally

force jumps are seen on a dsp board: Crate= 4 Board= 7 Dsp= 14, corresp to act# 504 505 506 507 508 509 510 511

Slew test

2x slew test has been done, up to approx 20deg. no RIP observed, just #624 in ALARM below 50 deg elevation.

strange noise heard, to be identified. maybe the rotating stand structure??

Noise test

2x noise test: result in

20110616_124247 20110616_124415
the last tracknum is displayed in the attached figure. the board suggested before for substitution is confirmed: Crate= 1 Board= 1 Dsp= 2

also, verify act# 560!

20110616_131900 status with bad 635 zone

Board substitution

spare used #267: all the remaining spare boards are LEFT (all the boards supposed to be right-sided) (BIG PROBLEM IF YOU NEED TO CHANGE ANOTHER RIGHT!!!!)

power on
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  • board.jpg:
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