-- RunaBriguglio - 15 Jun 2011


One sector of the miniskirt has been reduced (lenght) of 2x2mm, to introduce 1mm gap between sectors. The retention ring (3 parts only) has been re-drilled because the holes pattern was wrong. The uni as then vacuumed and the shroud closed.


System switched on.

error on act #350 after fsm_set_flat (/ff, /no_flat)

fastdiagn.L |ERR| 3960|2011-06-15 15:07:07.434071| FUNCTEMERGENCYST > CHCURRAVERAGE-0350 = -0.79005 [Funct.cpp:94]
fastdiagn.L |INF| 3961|2011-06-15 15:07:07.434106| ADAM > Adam: disabling coils...

Restored up adsecarb and AOarb Switch on with AdsecControl GUI Problems with new sw on set.

Problems on set: wrong parameter on mirror_set_offload2.pro (CL_INIT_DCMD)

Fixed setting procedure. Now the shell set with fsm_set_flat(/no_flat)

Act DSP#346 has large rms. to be monitored.

Slew test needed for DSP#346, DSP#295., DSP#239

Actuator 635 is affecting the neightbours and dramatically affect the shape. Tried to remove from currents as well.

Flattening problem resolved for 635 but not for 346.... is jumping. decide what to do....tomorrow try: remove from ICC; remove from positions;

-- MarcoXompero - 15 Jun 2011
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