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Check of Optical perfromances after the magnets incident

Test on Load Shape

Shape id Electrical data Optical data WFE WFE (-15terms) Max mode FF_Matrix
S01 20101129_115928/flattening result 20101203_102300_load_shape_20101129_115928.h5 37   359 old
S0 20101123_143507/flattening_result 20101203_102900_load_shape_20101123_143507.h5 93 32 370 old
S12 20101127_140236/flattening_result.sav 20101203_103800_load_shape_20101127_140236.h5 208 46 365 old
  20101129_115928/flattening result


42   374 new

Test on flattening

Intmat Id Tracking Number Electrical data Optical data WFE FF_Matrix
  20101128_152753 20101203_104233/flattening_result.sav 20101203_104233_flat640modes.h5 37 old
  20101128_152753 20101203_111329/flattening_result.sav 20101203_111329_flat640modes.h5 30 new
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