-- RunaBriguglio - 23 Nov 2010

the cabinet cooling line has been closed to avoid dew inside the cabinet. the valve preset was 2.8.

Sw BCU temperatures are logged in

Old firmware installed

verification of ff_pure_curr as on 20101119 (see log for references)

2) test on the application of just 3 modes, with changing number of iterations. ff_p_curr is lower than the previous result

for i=1, 7 do begin&print, i4d_opt_intmat(500, 502, average=i*3, ffpure=a)&ffp[*,i-1]=a&endfor


dati:20101123_105101_ffp.sav, da confrontare con /20101119_194715_ffp.sav

3) test on the application of just 1 mode, at changing number of iterations. ff_p_curr is 0

for i=1, 7 do begin&print, i4d_opt_intmat(500, 500, average=i*3, ffpure=a)&ffp[*,i-1]=a&endfor

dati: 20101123_105852_ffp.sav da confrontare con 20101119_195854_ffp.sav

Intmat test

the intmat acquired on 20101117_170115 has been reapplied for testing (the mask was changed)

data saved in 20101123_114139/flattening_result.sav

optical data: 20101123_114139_flat650modes.h5 RMS =27nm

test on fernando's intmat

int mat sampled at 51 interations (lots of processing problems)


optical data saved as 20101123_120012_flat650modes RMS=26.5nm

acquisition of new int mat:

tracknum modes iterations
20101123_122935 0-250 3
20101123_123215 251-500 3
20101123_123536 501-653 3

int mat saved in /towerdata/adsec_calib/flat/20101123_122935 loaded old shape (20101117...) mirror flattened using the new intmat: electrical data saved in 20101123_143507/flattening_result.sav optical data saved in 20101123_143507_flat650modes.sav 26nm RMS

--++ Cooling down the ATT optical bench

starting tracknum 20101123_182655

init temp =19° wanted temp=10°

final HP coord: 239.67854 1933.5962 1945.0427 44.968060 97.976875 0.027164061

error on adam_update:

Unable to apply format code Z to input: "!0".
% Execution halted at: ADAM_UPDATE 41
% $MAIN$
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