Shell set @60um
GAIN TN# Comments
p0.03d0.00 all 20100831_112908 -
p0.03d0.25 all 20100831_113103 peak growing @ 7Khz on act DSP#450 (rms < 3nm); act dsp #65 bad behavior
p0.06d0.25 all 20100831_114124 peak @ 7Khz reduces but still present in the mean spectrum; act dsp #114 bad behavior
p0.06d0.25 all d0.30 inside 20100831_114452 idem as before, act DSP#281 bad behavior
p0.06d0.25 all p0.10d0.30 inside 20100831_115140 idem as before, no issues
p0.06d0.25 all p0.13d0.30 inside 20100831_115442 no self-oscillation issues. act dsp #234 bad behavior (bi-stable)
p0.06d0.25 all p0.13d0.30 inside p0.06d0.25 ext 20100831_120037 no issues
final gains 20100831_125039 all ok
status save 20100831_125000 all ok
step responses 20100831_130726 , 20100831_135019 max 1.4 ms; max error in detached magnets area

-- MarcoXompero - 31 Aug 2010
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