Shell installed @13.00

Saved status @ 1/8 wave: /home/AOeng/meas/adsec_calib/status_save/20100825_130029/status_save_1o8wave.sav

Shell set @13.13: waiting for membrane tightening.

@1525: acquired and reduced modal ff matrix: /home/AOeng/meas/adsec_calib/ff_matrix/20100825_151628/ff_matrix_+5.789e-05_3.400e-06m_MAG_008.sav


Calibrated with /home/AOeng/meas/adsec_calib/ff_matrix/20100825_151628/d0_pist_calib.txt

Re-initialized IDL and system.

Acquired FF matrix: /home/AOeng/meas/adsec_calib/ff_matrix/20100825_170144/ff_matrix_+5.790e-05_3.400e-06m_MAG_008.sav

-- MarcoXompero - 25 Aug 2010
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