Drift test

a drift test has been launched for a nighttime test session. The housekeeper switched the unit off twice because of an overtemperature of the switch BCU.the drift test has been interrupted at 22.33 (AR) and at 8:01 (RB)

the Swing arm cabinet has been closed yesterday for clean room operations and remained closed all night long. this caused the overheating of the switch BCU, as already detected during previously activity. leaving the SAC open is enough for electronic cooling.

Thermal test

Support for the thermal test.


cooling flow mirror=10.4l/min, Cabinet=about 4l/min

during the night the cabinet was running at 1l/min, possibly explaining the temperature alarm

started drift test "inhub_c" at 11:36

RIP of the shell due to an overcurrent


FASTDGN00 |WAR| 778637|2009-11-03 22:07:19.906319| FUNCTWARNING > FunctWarning ChFFPureCurrent-0224 -0.338502
FASTDGN00 |WAR| 778638|2009-11-03 22:07:19.975625| FUNCTWARNING > FunctWarning ChFFPureCurrent-0224 -0.442364
FASTDGN00 |WAR| 778639|2009-11-03 22:07:20.005989| FUNCTEMERGENCYST > ChCurrAverage-0568 = 0.793755 [/mnt/work/AO2.10/Supervisor/Dia
FASTDGN00 |INF| 778640|2009-11-03 22:07:20.006114| ADAM > Adam: disabling coils...
FASTDGN00 |INF| 778641|2009-11-03 22:07:20.006949| ADAM > Adam: coils succesfully disabled
FASTDGN00 |ERR| 778642|2009-11-03 22:07:20.509746| FUNCTEMERGENCYST > Couldn't close hexapod brakes. Error -500

check #568 for possible instability.. to be eliminated?? it appears often in FASTDGN log:

turbulence test and drift test restarted, with name inhub_e. approx 22:30

taken thermal pictures then closed the back-door close to the heat-exchanger (rise of temperature)

taken screenshots with current and voltage in this configuration:

reset the shell and set again to slew the unit to zenith angle=50deg with the shell in closed loop (high gain and ICC) while recording data with drift_test (inhub_f, 1Hz)

the diagnostics disabled the coils: TO BE CHECKED what happened looking in the logfiles

at z=50deg the shell has been set. The miniskirt has been found to be not properly set (the edge of the shell is exposed in one spot at 8hours on the xadsec display. The shell did not set properly at 4hours. An excess of pushing force on that spot. The retention ring was touching the shell there. The retention ring was fixed.

Started turbulence tracking and drift test (inhub_g). The screen shots of the current and voltages in this configuration are here:

stopped turbulence tracking and drift test at about 9:40 on 04 Nov

Switched off to be ready for dismounting form the hub

-- RunaBriguglio - 2009-11-03

-- ArmandoRiccardi - 2009-11-04
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power_with_turbulence.pdfpdf power_with_turbulence.pdf manage 2 MB 04 Nov 2009 - 00:52 ArmandoRiccardi Current and voltages during turbulence tracking z=0deg
power_with_turbulence_z50deg.pdfpdf power_with_turbulence_z50deg.pdf manage 2 MB 04 Nov 2009 - 00:56 ArmandoRiccardi Current and voltages during turbulence tracking z=50deg
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