Found watcdog proble on DSP nr 44-45 during setting.

1 timeout on read applying the disturbance with no effect.

board #8 (first=0) crate1 substituted. fasltlink alignment test (sequence of power_off, power_on, test) no effect on fisrts packet write timeout.

Board substituted. no evidence of problems caused by that board.

Analisys of problem on the function to test the atmospheric performances (test_time_hist2)

Problem due to the command_pending: if enabled, disturbance counter on DSP start to increase but no delta position is applied in configuration WFS + OVS Often with pending counter increasin, the fiver timeout on read increases too.

Is not possible to run the test @1000Hz with actual configuration. Try sw patch disabling and enabling oversampling.

-- MarcoXompero - 2009-10-26
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