Analisys result of LogBook20090805 .
  • Substituted again board 10, crate 1. Rough visual inspection of bus does not reveal evident problems.
  • Start new sustained test at 10.00 till 14.30 was ok.
  • New hypothesys: "deep" or not insertion of the DSP board. "Deep" is worst and it was verified (view) in the capsens because the board (too long) start to open the contacts.
  • New substitution: replaced the board 10 of crate 1 with the original one adding a shim of 0.7 mm in the front panel in order to simulate the final solution.
  • System restarted with the sustained test at 14.45.
  • Mario noticed he substituted the wrongdsp board so the system was stopped, fixed and restart for test at 15.00. at 16.00 system stopped with same error (crate 1 board 10)
  • Mario swapped board 10 and board 9 of crate 1 in order to see if the problem follow the board or the position in the crate.
  • After the substitution the crate 5 initiate to be unrecheable (load dsp program but stucked when the code is inserted.) board 5 crate 5.
  • The board was substituted and the problem moved from board 5 to board 9.
  • the system got stuck for about one hour. after a reset, suddenly become working.
  • test started at 17.30 till 21.15 without any problem

-- MarcoXompero - 2009-08-06
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