Minutes from LBT AO progress meeting

Author: Joar Brynnel

Date: March 6, 2007 Location: Arcetri

I. Issues from last meeting

CCD47 for W#2: The CCD47 #2 was not funded as of November 2006 (meeting in Arcetri) and it is still not funded. The cost was estimated to 35 kEur in 2006. One alternative would be to use a commercial camera, but they normally come with PCI frame grabber interface which seems very difficult to integrate in the “W” hardware and software structure. Without a technical viewer the reference star acquisition will be difficult. The issue remains unresolved, depending on OAA funding from INAF.

Spare CCD39 still unfunded. It was noted that a spare CCD39 has a very long lead time for replacement, about 6 months. Given that the CCD39 is s single point failure for “W” sensor operation, it was decided to procure one spare CCD39.

Action Item: Simone Esposito to initiate procurement of a spare CCD39.

P45 single actuator drift problem: Armando reports that “everything” (electronics, boards, magnets, cables etc.) has been replaced on P45 in an effort to isolate the problem, but the problem remains. It is believed that there is a problem with the reference plate coating. Activity has been closed in order not to impact 672 schedule.

Interferometer: There is a pending Action Item on Arcetri to issue a Change Request for using the LBT “Submillimeter” focal station for mounting of an interferometer. The Change request should include request for mounting hardware, electrical power supply, computer network connection etc.

Action Item: Simone to issue Change Request.

II. “W” status

It was reported that significant improvements have been made to the electronics boxes internal wiring, and that a re-configuration of detector readout electronics boards has solved the detector operational temperature problem. Simone reported that some action items from the acceptance test have been closed. The internal baffling remains as the most complicated open action item. A fabric baffle was proposed, this appears to be a viable solution. An other long standing issue is the ADC unit that is not yet fully aligned and functional. Goal for completion of all Acceptance Test action items was February 2007, now re-scheduled for 7 April 2007.

III. Shell shipping in Italy

As already discussed in the email “AO Schedule” from March 4, in the near future TS#1 and TS#3 will be transported from ADS to Microgate. In order to finalize the shipping and handling plan for those transports, ADS has requested from the LBTPO an official statement on maximal allowable acceleration that the shells can be exposed to. This information is needed very soon, since it has a direct impact on transport procedures and shell transport support structure requirements.

Action Item (Urgent): Guido Brusa to provide statement on allowable acceleration for TS#1 and TS#3 to ADS.

Daniele stated that the present plan is to transport TS#1 on its own frame (pending above Action Item). The use of TS#3 box for transport of TS#1 was judged difficult and high risk.

Roberto stated that TS#1 is needed on or before April 9 in Bolzano. In preparation for TS#1 installation (scheduled for April 10) Roberto requested the presence of Arcetri staff in Bolzano for the week of March 19 for testing activities.

Action Item: Armando Riccardi to coordinate Arcetri staff in Bolzano for tests starting on March 19.

Action Item: Guido Brusa to coordinate travel to Italy for participation in TS#1 shipping from Lecco to Bolzano, and TS#1 installation on Unit #1.

TS#1 tests in Bolzano will last two months, from April 10 to June 10. After completion of TS#1 tests on LBT672 #1, TS#3 will be installed. Tests with TS#1 will take one month, so that the phase “Microgate AIT” will be finished on July 10.

IV. LBT AO project management

Given that the project is now entering a very intensive phase, with tight schedule and significant interaction, it was considered desireable to strengthen the overall project management. In view of the high workload of all involved people, Joar Brynnel was asked to take a more active role in the project coordination.

It was decided to have regular formal progress meetings in an effort to track progress better and to optimize communication. The first week of every month was considered a good time for this progress meeting. The first meeting will be held in early April.

V. Test Tower

The test tower preparation and characterization has suffered substantial delays and is now close to critical path. Some measurements are underway, but it appears that progress is slow. It is strongly recommended to seek ways to accelerate this activity. It is highly undesirable to allow the test tower preparation to become critical path.

The possibility of scheduling a “pre-test” in the test tower (before Unit #1 arrives) with AGW and Hexapod was discussed. Simone stated that it is not clear if Arcetri can support this (manpower limited). It was agreed that a “pre-test” will be most useful for debugging of Test tower, Hexapod operation, “W” operation and software.

Action Item: Simone to propose a test plan for a “pre-test” in the test tower.

-- ArmandoRiccardi - 20 Mar 2007
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