List of Spare components in OAA

Last update : -- ArmandoRiccardi - 28 Jan 2010

ID Description Quantity Notes Additional Notes
ELA098 Internal Actuators 9    
ELA097 ExternalActuators 2    
CSA123 Distribution Board D 1    
CSA125 Distribution Board F 1    
CSA124 Distribution Board E 1    
CSA116 Power Backplane 1    
CSA113 BackPlane 1    
ELA072 DSP Board Left 4 to be modified (power supply line): sent to MG (2009_10_10 for modifications)  
ELA073 DSP Board Right 0 to be modified (power supply line): sent to MG (2009_10_10 for modifications)  
ELA125 DSP Signal Generator 1    
CAA062 Cable TSS to Power BCKPlane 1    
CAA069 Cable TSS Digipower 1    
CAA033 DSP Board Cable 2    
CAA032 DSP Board Cable 2    
CAA034 DSP Board Cable 2    
CAA036 DSP Board Cable 2    
CAA035 DSP Board Cable 5    
CAA063 DSP Board Cable 1    
CAA067 Cable Power BCKPlane 1    
CAA054 Switch Control Cable 1    
CAA037 Molex SW CTRL Cable 6    
CON288 Ext Actuat. Flat Ribbon Cable 24    
CAF002 14m FIBER ASSEMBLY TYPE CAB-07-002-18-14LC 1    
CAA049 14m LBT DigiPwr Rack 6U to Spider Cable 1   a.k.a. anaconda
  Main Power Supply 1    
  TSS Power Supply 1    
  Switch BCU 1    
  Air-Water Heat Exchanger 1    
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