How to run LBT672 software on Windows

  1. install in a directory ("mydir", herafter) the following directories from the SVN repository: idl, calib and conf
  2. define the following environment variables (substitute mydir with your choice of the path):
    1. ADOPT_LOG=mydir\log
    2. ADOPT_LOGBASE=mydir\log
    3. ADOPT_MEAS=mydir\meas
    4. ADOPT_ROOT=mydir
    6. ADOPT_SOURCE=mydir
  3. use the startup script (change the paths for your case)
  4. copy from adsecdx the file $ADOPT_ROOT/idl/ in %ADOPT_ROOT%\idl
  5. copy file in mydir\adsec_lib_winpatches\ (change the path in, in case)
  6. copy from adsecdx the file $ADOPT_ROOT/conf/adsec/processes.cfg in mydir\conf\adsec
-- ArmandoRiccardi - 04 Jun 2010
Topic revision: r2 - 04 Jun 2010, ArmandoRiccardi
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