Document repository of LBT672a/b Acceptance Phases

The document and data repository related to the Acceptance phases of the LBT672a/b units is accessible via SFTP or SCP protocol here:


user: lbt672


  • ~/LBT672a_em_acceptance: Documents related to the electro-mechanical acceptance test of unit LBT672a
  • ~/LBT672a_optical_acceptance: Documents related to the Optical acceptance test of unit LBT672a
  • ~/LBT672b_em_acceptance: Documents related to the electro-mechanical acceptance test of unit LBT672b

Each directory contains subdirectories for different contributors of documentations and data:
  • ads: documents responability of ADS International s.r.l.
  • arcetri: documents responsibility of INAF-Arcetri
  • lbto: documents responsability of LBT Observatory
  • microgate: documents responsibility of Microgate s.r.l.

The use of the repository can be kept efficient following some simple guidelines:
  1. Each contributor has a directory (ads,arcetri,lbto,microgate) where he should upload the documents (from the list in "Master_Document_vxx.xls") for the reviewing process.
  2. for an easy identification of the docs, please, use the following rule for naming:
    1., where nnncnnni is the can number (nnncnnn) including the issue (i) and short_title is a brief version of the document title. It could be useful for cross referencing having the documents even in the non final form (not ready for reviewing). In this case the name should be:
    2., where NN is the version of the draft. It is responsibility of the contributor the correct managing of the version numbers.
  3. in each contributor list there are two sub-directories: archive and reference_docs. Move in archive old release documents when you upload a new release. In the reference_docs sub-dir the contributor should upload all the reference/applicable docs that are not in part of the "Master_Document_vxx.xls" list (expecially for those docs that are not stored in the CAN)
  4. documents will be moved in acceptance_package_final directory after approval by the reviewers.

For Windows user, a free SFTP client can be found here:

For question/requests contact Armando (

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