Adaptive secondary connection

Network Connection Log: google doc link

Found problem on crate #4 and crate #5. No ethernet connection for these crates.

1- supposed switch problem: after boot and reboot no switch problem seems caouse the crates not responding

2- fiber problem: removing daisy chain from crate #3 to #4. Crate 4 up and running. Removed crate #4 to #5 fiber. Crate 5 up and running.
-> problem FOUND.


- replace fiber #3 to #4 but crate #4 not running yet

- bypass #3: connect directly #2 with #3: up and running #4 and #5: bcu crate #3 seems cause the problem.

- substitution bcu crate #3 SN#033 with SN#030. Not working properly (no ping). Roberto found BCU spares not supporting sync via FL. Solution was swap crate bcu board #3 with crate bacu board #5.

Set new BCU IP and ADAM IP as 485f004f using EngPanel and .NET ADAM utility.

Start set new IP in the AOSupervisor SW.

Start sw compiling and testing.

ROBERTO TESTS: coil check OK see robert

flowmeter not working

-- MarcoXompero - 20 Feb 2010
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